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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Nonlinear Dynamics is a privately funded, multi-million dollar research venture. The company was founded by Jonathan Zerbin, James Murray, Jorge Hamill and Nicolas Scirocco in order to investigate successful blue sky ideas relating to electro-mechanical power generation and recovery. To date the company has obtained 6 patents for the technologies in question and is now taking steps towards making devices conducive to commercial utilization.

Meet Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians and physicists bringing experience from industry and academia.

Jonathan Zerbin
Jonathan ZerbinCEO / Founder
With a dedicated passion in entrepreneurship and cutting edge technologies, Jonathan has been building machines since a very young age. Before starting Nonlinear Dynamics he had a laboratory in his home where he built prototype machines to investigate the effects of parametric impedances in generators. Jonathan endeavored to experiment with innovative designs in motors and generators to utilize this effect. With a diploma in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors degree in Technology Management from NAIT, he is well equipped to lead this venture into its commercialization phase. He has a love for data analytics and collection and a passion for bringing sustainable technologies to market that help the largest polluting sectors become carbon negative.
James Murray
James MurrayCTO / Founder
James also known as ‘Jim’ began his college education as a particle physicist. After this, Jim began working in the field of motor and generator design. Having held senior positions in this area for over 45 years, Jim brings considerable “old school” experience and expertise of novel electrical engineering design to the table. Jim has successfully patented a number of unique devices which are currently part of the NLDI portfolio. His personal journey has led him through many unique adventures along the way having worked for and consulted numerous firms in the clean energy field.
Nicolas Scirocco
Nicolas SciroccoCOO / Founder
Nicolas was a brilliant recent PhD from the University of Cambridge Electrical Engineering Division. His PhD focus was on novel wireless power transmission systems for RFID sensors. Nicolas was a technical consultant for PervasID, a market leader in RFID distributed antenna systems and has worked on a range of projects in industry/academia including Innovate UK Aerospace, MIMO radio over fibre systems for 4G LTE, plasmonic nanostructures and theoretical cosmology. His research interests lie in the understanding of the fundamental physics of power generation and transmission and is a published scientist in the same field. Nicolas is also a reviewer for the official IEEE Journal of RFID.

He was awarded an MRes in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems at the University of Cambridge and previously graduated, top of his year in Physics at King’s College London, obtaining a number of scholarships for research work. Nicolas brings the electrical engineering knowledge and the research rigour of a physicist to NLDI. His skills include RF and power electronics circuit design, EM simulation, embedded software development and research ideation.

Jorge Hamill
Jorge HamillMachinist Mathematician / Founder
Jorge has a specialist skill set in prototype design and performing the mathematical optimization analysis to get products ready for commercialization. Having worked for Pratt & Whitney, Olympic Tool & Machine Company among many others his understanding of mechanics, and mathematics puts him in a unique position. He has assisted research and development in numerous organizations. Everything from prototype helicopter motors to NASA satellites.
Dan Nguyen
Dan NguyenPower Electronics Engineer
With a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Dan is skilled in the obscure programming art of VHDL. Dan has a personal passion in robotics and drones. Dan brings to the table skills and knowledge in motor controls and processing. Working in power electronics Dan has unique skills getting hardware and software to work synergistically with nanosecond precision. With relentless effort Dan codes and troubleshoots circuits until they run with maximum efficiency.

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