Research & Development

At NLDI, over the last few years, we have made strides in developing our novel generators, motors and switching
technology. We are at the forefront of electro-mechanical research and aim to see our devices out into the market
within the next few years.

Hyper-Efficient Electro-Mechanical Devices

At NLDI we have developed a number of electro-mechanical devices which have been shown to have vastly reduced input power requirements over conventional motors/generators to produce the same output power.

Helping to Secure a
More Sustainable Future

As a result of the advances we have made in electro-mechanical devices, our motor technology can potentially double the range of an electric car; our generators can significantly reduce the amount of fuel needed to provide power to homes and our switching technology would allow wind generators to be significantly more productive.


Our workshop is equipped with state of the art hardware such as a CNC machine, lathe, grinder and electronics prototyping station. In addition we are also equipped with EM and mathematical simulation software. We are suitably set up to continue designing and validating our novel generators and motors.

Trusted Partners

We work in collaboration with a number of institutional, federal and provincial organisations. We have been privileged to be able to leverage their networks and obtain capital to support further research & development towards commercialization.

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