We are always open to hiring exceptional individuals who are passionately interested in these technologies. Please contact us on our about page. All applicants should be well versed and knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • All published works and videos of Jim Murray & Eric Dollard
  • Steinmetz, Nikola Tesla

That said we are passively looking for candidates with the following specific qualifications:

Electrical Generator & Motor Design Engineer


Looking to hire a Electrical Generator & Motor Design Engineer. This is for a small startup located in Edmonton, Alberta focusing on Alternative Energy research working on motors generators in the 5kW to 1MW range. Must have experience designing and engineering a motor/generator from scratch and doing magnetic flux simulations.

General Attributes:

  • Excellent command of English
  • Passionate about learning how to continually do things better and more efficiently
  • Enjoy working in a team environment
  • Be open to radical new ideas
  • Keep up with the absolute latest developments in motor & generator design theory

Specific Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Proficient in 3-D magnetic flux modeling and simulation utilizing requisite software packages (Maxwell – Ansys experience is a huge plus)
  • Thorough understanding of efficient mesh optimization in FEA (Pre-Processing)
  • Post-Processing expertise
  • Proficient in mechanical engineering software: Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks
  • Thorough understanding of Electrodynamic principles of rotating machines
  • Able to do the requisite mechanical engineering, and study torsional and mechanical stress induced by magnetic fields
  • Experience designing Reluctance Motors or Generators
  • Extensive knowledge of Synchronous machine design
  • Extensive knowledge of AC and DC motor/generator design principles
  • Familiar with generator and Motor control schemes
  • Single phase, three phase and pulsed motor designs
  • Can optimize and understand the pros/cons of various winding configurations
  • Proficient in Calculus and applied mathematics of optimization, vectors
  • Thorough understanding and ability to calculate eddy currents and hysteresis
  • Thorough understanding of Mutual Inductance
  • Understanding of the effects of Transients in Generators & Motors
  • Experience constructing BH and Hysteresis curves
  • Familiar with various grades of electrical steel
  • Lamination specifications
  • Familiarity with Amorphous materials

Additional Desired Assets:

  • Familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla and Steinmetz
  • Exposure to Jim Murray’s Dynaflux principles and motor
  • Proficient in either Mathematica or Maple
  • Experience using Matlab
  • Familiar with Transformer design and theory
  • Coding and Script writing experience (python, Java, etc.)

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